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About IM4U

IM4U is an innovative early childhood brand supporting educators and parents with teaching tools and resources for children ages 3-8 years. Combining the powers of music and social-emotional learning techniques, IM4U is leading a movement through its products, that supports parents, teachers, and children to find joy in everyday life.

About Uncle Jim

img1An Uncle to 20 and an “Uncle” to thousands of kids worldwide, Jim Mayer is leading a movement to create a generation of young children who will not only embrace individuality and acceptance, but celebrate it. Renowned as the long time bass player for Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band and an award winning children’s musician and performer, Jim is a frequent guest on National radio shows and his live IM4U Performances are in demand all over the world.

  • Award winning Children’s artist, UNCLE JIM!
  • XM Nation Awards: Best New Kids Artist
  • #1 on XM KiDS Radio twice!
  • Children’s Music Web Award
  • iParenting Media “Hot Product” Award

About the IM4U Teaching Program

  • The IM4U® Teaching Program is an innovative, music-based, social-emotional learning (SEL) system for the early childhood years.
  • It unites educators, parents, and children to develop positive human principles.
  • Children’s artist, Jim Mayer, developed this fun and engaging program with leading early childhood expert, Ellen Booth Church. Ms. Church consults for Barnes and Noble, PBS, (Clifford The Big Red Dog), Nelvana, and the Cartoon Network.
  • While other SEL programs target intermediate and middle school-aged children, the IM4U Teaching Program reaches out to our youngest learners.
  • This program lays a foundation in early years that prepares children to deal with the challenges of the global community.

People are talking…

“Hi Uncle Jim if you don’t remember me I was one of you volunteers at St.Clare and my name is Brooke. I am on here because you changed my life I was a person who just stood there and didn’t mind if anyone was getting hurt or bullied. Now I am so worried of how some kids are taking there lives. Thankyou so much!
- Brooke (an elementary school student on the website chalkboard)

“As a professional musician, I’m sure Jim is accustomed to venues far more sophisticated than our simple gymnasium. One never would have known this, though, for Jim’s enthusiasm and incredibly calculated and thoughtful planning put us all at ease. His contagious positive energy coupled with his professionalism set the stage for a transformational experience.”
- Steve Ciembroniewicz, Principal, Williams-Cone Elementary School Topsham, ME

“The music reflected the messages we have been sending our high need students regarding peace, respect, responsibility, tolerance, honesty, and other character traits. Teachers were easily able to carry the music over to character education lessons in their classrooms.”
- Lindsay Schuessler St. Louis Public Schools, Teacher, Inner City Elementary School

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